Reviews of Evidence Regarding Interventions to Increase the Use of Safety Belts

  • Published: American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2001) Vol. 21. No. 4
  • Authors: Dinh-Zarr, T.B et al
  • Date Added: 01 Feb 2013
  • Last Update: 01 Feb 2013
  • Format: pdf


To evaluate the effectiveness of three interventions to increase safety belt use


Systematic review

Key Findings:

  • 33 studies revealed consistent increases in safety belt use and consistent decreases in fatal and nonfatal injuries after the enactment of safety belt laws.

  • Primary safety belt laws are more effective than secondary laws in increasing safety belt use and decreasing fatalities.

  • Strong evidence that enhanced enforcement is effective in increasing safety belt use.Insufficient economic evaluation data available to assess cost-effectiveness for any of the interventions reviewed.