The Polished Stone Value of aggregates and in-service skidding resistance

  • Published: TRL, 1998
  • Authors: P. G. Roe and S. A. Hartshorne
  • Date Added: 06 Mar 2013
  • Last Update: 25 Oct 2016
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To determine the relationship of in-service roads to the polishing resistance of aggregates and the level of traffic using such roads.


The study compared an analysis of skidding resistance measurements from in-service roads. This was supported by some limited laboratory studies of extended polishing. A database was established in phases to cover as extensive a range of aggregates, site categories and traffic levels as was practical. This was used to consider models for predicting skidding resistance from PSV and traffic data.

A series of laboratory studies of polishing was then carried out to investigate some of the phenomena observed in the field data. Initial investigations of alternative PSV test regimes for small-particle size materials were also made. The interpretation of the results was supported by a background desk-top review of earlier research on the topic.

Key Findings:

  • At present, PSV (Polished Stone Value) is the only parameter relating to the microtexture properties of an aggregate which can be measured in a standardised manner and which has been related to traffic and site conditions. It therefore remains an appropriate property to use in specifications, provided that its limitations are recognised.


Skid Resistance


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