Collisions with utility poles

  • Published: Department of Infrastructure and Transport, Australian Government, 1979
  • Authors: J C Fox, M C Good And P N Joubert
  • Date Added: 26 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 23 Jul 2013
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To examine vehicle collisions with utility poles and identify countermeasures


A comparison of tyre tread depths of vehicles involved in collisions with a random sample of vehicles in petrol stations.

Key Findings:

  • The tread depth from 898 vehicles which were involved in accidents were compared with the tread depth of 627 vehicles that had not been.

  • The risk of being involved in a collision in wet and dry weather condition increased with tread depths below 3mm.

  • There was no statistically significant difference between the relative risk of an accident between wet and dry conditions.

  • The study did not examine or control for any confounding factors.


Tyres, tread depth