Do Crashes and Near Crashes in Simulator-Based Training Enhance Novice Drivers’ Visual Search for Latent Hazards?

  • Published: Transp Res Rec. 2265: 153–160, 2011 January 1
  • Authors: Vlakveld et al.
  • Date Added: 01 Feb 2014
  • Last Update: 01 Feb 2014
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To examine effect of hazard perception training in a simulator, in which hazards developed aggressively during training and later near- and far-transfer drives were examined for eye-scanning behaviour.


Participants randomly assigned to hazard perception training, or ‘placebo’ training – a pen and paper test on road signs.

Key Findings:

Hazard perception trained participants looked in the appropriate places for latent hazards more often than untrained participants in both near and far transfer scenarios. They also showed lower confidence.


Hazard perception, driving simulators, novice drivers.