The licencing and safety of older drivers in Britain

  • Published: Accident Analysis and Prevention, 50, p. 732-741, 2013
  • Authors: Mitchell, C.G.B.
  • Date Added: 04 Feb 2014
  • Last Update: 04 Feb 2014
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To provide an analysis of the number of fatalities for drivers of different ages in Britain using demographic projections, forecast licence holding and the trends in fatality rates. The focus is on older road users.


The author uses data from Great Britain, including data from the DfT and the National Travel Survey, to create graphs and current statistics.

Key Findings:

  • Key findings include:

    • The number of car driver fatalities aged 70 and over was highest between 1990 and 2004, and has subsequently reduced by almost 40%

    • For drivers aged 80 and over, fatalities peaked in 2004 and the number has subsequently reduced by almost 50%

    • Fatality rates for older road users are increased by the fragility of older persons.

    • The safety of older drivers is improving faster than that of younger age groups.


Driver licence forecast; Car driver fatality forecast; Safety older drivers; Risk to other road users; Fragility of older persons