Older drivers: On-road and off-road test results

  • Published: 2011
  • Authors: Selander, H., Lee, H.C., Johansson, K., & Falkmer, T.
  • Date Added: 04 Feb 2014
  • Last Update: 04 Feb 2014
  • Format: pdf


To investigate what types of driving errors are characteristic for older drivers without cognitive impairments affecting their fitness to drive, and to identify any relationships between off-road and on-road tests results.


85 participants were draw from the Vehicle Registration Office in Sweden. Participants completed a number of tests, including an on-road assessment, and self-report measures.

Key Findings:

  • 21% of the participants failed the on-road assessmentSome of the older drivers, without cognitive impairments impacting on their driving, displayed questionable driving behaviour.

  • Authors believe that these findings indicate that we should be aware of the fact that some specific problems or errors can actually be “normal driving behaviours”The current identified two cognitive subtests, which correlated to the result of the on-road assessment


Fitness to drive; Off-road assessment; Older driver; On-road assessment