The relationship between cognitive ability, insight and self-regulatory behaviours: Findings from the older driver population

  • Published: Accident Analysis & Prevention. 49: p. 316-321, 2012
  • Authors: Wong, I.Y., Smith, S.S., & Sullivan, K.A.,
  • Date Added: 04 Feb 2014
  • Last Update: 04 Feb 2014
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To explore the relationship between older drivers’ cognitive ability, their driving confidence, and their use of self-regulatory practices.


A convenience sample of seventy Australian drivers completed a questionnaire about their driving and a brief screening measure of cognitive performance (the Clock Drawing Test - CDT).

Key Findings:

  • A number of drivers performed poorly on the CDT, and were used as a comparison group to those who performed within normal levels.

  • Drivers who failed the cognitive test were significantly less likely to report driving self-regulation, showed less interest in taking part in driving programs, and were no different to the other group in terms of their expectation to continue driving in the foreseeable future.


Driving; Older adults; Driving self-regulation; Insight; Cognitive ability