A study on fire resistance test procedure for traction battery

  • Published: Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute.
  • Authors: Jung, H., Kim, K., Lee, K., & Kwon, H.
  • Date Added: 05 Feb 2014
  • Last Update: 05 Feb 2014
  • Format: pdf


To study a fire resistance test procedure for traction battery.


The current KMVSS traction battery fire resistance test, draft of ECE R-100 RESS fire resistance test in outside and draft of GTR/SGS test procedure for hydrogen storage fire test were analysed.

Key Findings:

  • The current procedure of KSVSS fire resistance test is appropriate for a small scale of hybrid electric vehicle traction battery when a flame temperature control is adjusted and a test specimen is place on the test equipment.

  • A problem occurs when the electric vehicle traction batter is tested, because it is so large and heavy that a test specimen is hard to be placed on the test equipment.

  • The flame temperature is difficult to adjust because the top of the burner is open.


Electric vehicles, battery, fire resistance.


Study on fire resistant test procedures for traction batteries.