Driver perceptions of the safety implications of quiet electric vehicles

  • Published: Accident Analysis & Prevention, 58: 122-131, 2013
  • Authors: Cocron, P., & Krems, J. F.
  • Date Added: 06 Feb 2014
  • Last Update: 06 Feb 2014
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Two field studies in Germany examining the experiences and perceptions of low noise emission EVs.


Interviews and questionnaires were used with 70 participant drivers to gauge driver opinions before driving an EV for the first time and after three and six months of driving an EV.

Key Findings:

Incidents related to low noise emission were rare, and typically occurred at low speeds.Responses also revealed driver perception of risk due to low noise reduced with increasing driving experience, whilst the perception of driver comfort due to low noise increased over the 6-month driving period.


Electric vehicles, low noise, risk perception, traffic safety.