Support and compliance with 20mph speed limits in Great Britain

  • Published: Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Volume 31, May 2015
  • Authors: Tapp, C. Naccarrow A. Davis
  • Date Added: 10 Feb 2016
  • Last Update: 10 Feb 2016
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To understand the links between support of 20mph limits and compliance with them.


A population wide survey of GB drivers to explore how support and compliance were linked.

Key Findings:

  • Data were collection via a survey to examine support-opposition and compliance-non-compliance amongst the GB population

  • Four categories of driver according to support/opposition and compliance/non-compliance were examined in detail.

  • Whilst, as expected, many supporters said they would comply with the limits, and many opponents might not comply, more surprisingly it was also found that some supporters claimed not to comply, whilst some opponents of 20mph limits were compliers.

  • Results indicated that self-enhancement bias, social contagion and habitual/inattentive driving were important factors in explain non-compliance.

  • Pro-active behaviour change strategies are required to create higher compliance levels.