Cycling, Health and Safety

  • Published: OECD/International Transport Forum (2013)
  • Authors: OECD Publishing/ITF
  • Date Added: 05 Apr 2016
  • Last Update: 05 Apr 2016
  • Format: pdf


Presents recent research findings and evidence from surveys conducted by the International Transport Forum and OECD countries relating to cycling safety.


International statistics

Key Findings:

  • Bicycle accidents tend to occur more in urban areas. In some countries the split is more even but this tends to be due to the fact that the populations of these countries perform more cycling for leisure, and the countries have better inter-urban cycling facilities.

  • Crashes are less common on infrastructure specifically designed for cycling than on roads not marked with bicycle lanes. Bicycle paths seem to be more effective in reducing crashes and fatalities in rural areas than urban areas. The implementation of bicycle paths on rural roads led to a 62% reduction in crashes involving bicycles and an 80% reduction in fatalities on rural Danish roads.


Cycling, cycling safety, cycling infrastructure, cycle lanes, cycling fatalities