Effects of different factors on drivers’ guidance compliance behaviors under road condition information shown on VMS

  • Published: Zhong, S., Zhou, L., Ma, S. and Jia, N., 2012
  • Authors: Zhong, S., Zhou, L., Ma, S. and Jia, N.
  • Date Added: 07 Apr 2016
  • Last Update: 07 Apr 2016
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To explore the factors which relate to driver compliance with Variable Message Signs (VMS).


Route choice behaviour (i.e. compliance with VMS) was assessed using a questionnaire with a sample of 328 participants.

Key Findings:

  • A number of demographic and exposure variables were important determinants of route choice, mainly age, driving experience and annual mileage.

  • The degree of trust in VMS (defined as low, medium and high) was also an important determinant of guidance compliance with VMS.


VMS trust; driver route choice


Note that the compliance variable in this study related to route choice, therefore, the relationship to compliance in other domains (such as speeding) are not assessed.