Vehicle Injuries in Great Britain, 2014

  • Published: Health and Safety Executive, October 2014
  • Authors: Health and Safety Executive
  • Date Added: 22 Apr 2016
  • Last Update: 22 Apr 2016
  • Format: pdf


To provide an overview of the injuries sustained by employees in work- related incidents that were reported to RIDDOR enforcing authorities in the financial year 2013/14. This report specifically looks at injuries sustained due to moving vehicles.


All injury incidents of a certain level the occurred at work must be reported by the organization to RIDDOR. Injuries incurred off site (or on the public highway) caused by moving vehicles are not reportable to RIDDOR. This analysis only includes data on injuries that occurred on work premises.

Key Findings

  • 16 people were fatally injured by a moving vehicle at work, 12.5% of all work fatalities.

  • In the previous 10 year, there were around twice as many fatal injuries caused by moving vehicles.

  • Non-fatal injuries caused by moving vehicles accounted for 2% of all non-fatal injuries to employees. This is similar to the results of the last 10 years.

  • The riskiest industry in terms of moving vehicle injuries was water supply, sewerage, and waste management (where risk was measured using injury rate per 100,000 employees).


Vehicle, injury, moving, fatal, employee, workplace.


It is a legal requirement to report such injuries to the RIDDOR authorities. However, this data gives no insight into injuries incurred due to moving vehicles outside of work premises.