Van Crashes in Great Britain: How Van Drivers Compare to All Motorists

  • Published: AXA business insurance, 2014
  • Authors: Road Safety Analysis
  • Date Added: 22 Apr 2016
  • Last Update: 22 Apr 2016
  • Format: pdf


AXA Business Insurance commissioned Road Safety Analysis to analyse the circumstances of collisions involving van drivers.


The majority of the research was based on the Stats19 database which holds data on all reported personal injury road collisions. The analysis looked at injuries in Britain between 2008 and 2012 involving a van and compared the circumstances to those of other vehicles.

Key Findings

  • Van driver were more likely than other motorists to be involved in collisions on motorways or dual carriage ways and less likely on urban roads.

  • Van drivers are less likely to be involved in collision at junctions (not including slip roads).

  • Van drivers are over represented in collisions in London, the north east, and the west midlands.

  • Vans are more likely than other vehicle to be involved in collisions on weekdays. They are also more likely to collide when reversing.

  • The analysis of the contributory factors to road collisions involving vans found that close following, fatigue, and observational and manoeuvre errors were more prevent in van drivers.

  • Speeding and drink or drug driving were less likely to be contributory factors associated with van drivers involved in road collisions.


Van, crash, collision, circumstances.


This data and the conclusions drawn from it include people who are driving a van for leisure or commuting purposes. No analysis on journey purpose was included in the report so it is not possible to determine the magnitude of this effect.