Driving and dementia: a clinical decision pathway

  • Published: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, May 2014
  • Authors: Carter, S. Monaghan, J. O'Brien, A. Teodorczuk, U. Mosimann and J.-P. Taylor
  • Date Added: 02 Jun 2017
  • Last Update: 02 Jun 2017
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The study aimed to develop a pathway to bring together current UK legislation, good clinical practice and appropriate management strategies that could be applied across a range of healthcare settings.


The pathway was constructed by a multidisciplinary clinical team based in a busy Memory Assessment Service. A process of successive iteration was used to develop the pathway, with input and refinement provided via survey and small group meetings with individuals from a wide range of regional clinical networks and diverse clinical backgrounds as well as discussion with mobility centres and Forum of Mobility Centres, UK.

Key Findings:

  • By integrating the latest guidance from diverse roles within older people's health services and key experts in the field, the resulting pathway reflects up-to-date policy and encompasses differing perspectives and good practice

  • It is potentially a generalizable pathway that can be easily adaptable for use internationally, by replacing UK legislation for local regulations

  • A limitation of this pathway is that it does not address the concern of mild cognitive impairment and how this condition relates to driving safety.


Driving, Dementia, Pathway, Ageing