Driving and dementia: a clinical update for mental health professionals

  • Published: Evidence-Based Mental Health, October 2016
  • Authors: L Allan, S. Behrman, N. Baruch and K. P Ebmeier
  • Date Added: 02 Jun 2017
  • Last Update: 02 Jun 2017
  • Format: html


Review the current guidelines and evidence relating to driving and dementia to help clinicians answer questions about driving safety and to consider the full range of assessment tools available.



Key Findings:

  • Clinicians are generally unable to predict driving ability accurately

  • Clinical assessment alone should not be used to determine driving ability

  • Individual cognitive tests and screening tools (e.g. MMSE or MoCA) do not provide a reliable assessment of driving safety

  • Composite tests of memory, attention, visuo-spatial and executive function may assist in the assessments of driving safety, but there is no consensus on cut-off scores relevant to driving

  • Combining clinical assessment, cognitive tests and an on-road driving test provides the most accurate assessment of driving ability.