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Advanced Driver Fatigue Research

A literature review of the technology and methods used for detecting fatigue/drowsiness.

  • Author(s): Eskandarian, A., Sayed, R., Delaigue, P., Blum, J., Mortazavi, A.
  • Published: Advanced Driver Fatigue Research (Report: FMCSA-RRR-07-001). Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (2007)
  • Date Added: 28 Dec 2013
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The Facts About Fatigued Driving in Ontario: A guidebook for police

Surveys of more than 800 police officers and 750 drivers in Canada about how to identify fatigue-related crashes and improve enforcement strategies to reduce the problem.

  • Author(s): Robertson, R., Holmes, E., Vanlaar, W.
  • Published: Traffic Injury Research Foundation. Ottawa, Canada (2009)
  • Date Added: 28 Dec 2013
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