Key Facts:

  •  In 2015, excessive or inappropriate speed was a contributory factor to 436 road deaths, 28 per cent of the total. Sixteen per cent of fatalities (247) had ‘exceeding the speed limit’ as a contributory factor in the accident, and a further 12 per cent (189) had a vehicle ‘travelling too fast for the conditions’.(RRCGB, DfT, 2016)

  • There is a clear relationship between speed and risk: as average traffic speed reduces so does the likelihood of a crash resulting in injury that is recorded by the police. If a crash does happen, the risk of death and serious injury is higher at higher speeds.

  • Evidence from a variety of sources, e.g. in-depth accident investigations, conviction data, and self-report surveys, indicates that male drivers and young drivers are more likely to speed. Analysis of in-depth accident data found that male drivers under the age of 30 were over-represented in speed-related collisions, and this was particularly so for males aged under the age of 21.


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