Key Facts:

  • The term ‘parking’ can be used to describe:

    • The infrastructure provided for the storage of vehicles whether on or off-street; and,

    • Parking as an activity forming part of the overall process of car travel.

(Palmer and Ferris, 2010)

  • Of the 238,405 vehicles involved in reported Road Traffic Incidents (RTIs) in 2015, 10,035 of these were parked vehicles (4 per cent).

(RRCGB, DfT, 2016)

  • On-street parking can introduce a road safety problem, particularly if traffic speeds are above 20mph and there are few places for pedestrians to cross with adequate visibility.

(Palmer and Ferris, 2010)

  • On-street parking is associated with increased RTI risk compared to roads of the same category without on-street parking.

(Edquist et al, 2012)


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