Key Facts:

  • There were 17,744 adult pedestrian casualties in Great Britain in 2015, of which 383 were fatalities.

  • The number of casualties amongst adult pedestrians tends to decrease with age: for example, in 2015 there were 2,045 pedestrian casualties aged 20 to 24 years old and 1,218 pedestrian casualties aged 50 to 54.

  • Adult pedestrian casualties in Great Britain are predominantly male. From the 2010 to 2014 average 58 per cent of pedestrian casualties aged 16 to 59 were male; in 2015 it stood at 56 per cent.

  • Failing to look properly is by far the most frequently reported contributory factor allocated to pedestrians in casualty RTIs.

(RRCGB, DfT, 2015)

  • There exists a well established link between road casualties and deprivation. Amongst adult pedestrians, studies have shown a ratio of 4:1 between numbers of casualties in the most deprived compared to the least deprived locations.

    (N .Christie et al., 2010)

  • The risk of RTI involvement amongst pedestrians increases significantly when blood alcohol concentrations are above 100-150 mg/100ml, according to a study carried out in the West Midlands, UK.

    (DfT, 2001)


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