Report on the Direction Signs Review

  • Published: TRL, 1987
  • Authors: R.T. Stirland, B.R.A Blaxall and B.J.Bennett
  • Date Added: 07 Feb 2013
  • Last Update: 12 Feb 2013
  • Format: pdf


To review the system of directional traffic signs on all types of road and to consider whether additional information or changes to directional signing would be useful for road users.


Review of the system of directional signs in the 1980s and the identification and formation of recommendations for how the system could be changed or improved to enhance the efficiency of these signs. Undertaken through an extensive consultation process with a wide range of representative bodies and organisations (including local authorities, police and road user bodies).

Key Findings:

  • The review led to a number of changes to the system of directional signs in the UK. This includes:
    • Updated advice on sign design, siting, consistency and continuity.

    • The use of junction nameplates on all-purpose roadsInvestment into new technologies for variable message traffic signs.

    • Increased use of warning and regulatory signs on directional signs to give drivers advanced information on hazards and restrictions ahead


Signs and markings, policy, legislation


Robust government document but dated (1987)