Compatible Browsers

The Road Safety Observatory website has been built with compatibility for most major browsers in mind, including Internet Explorer 7 and 8. We do however recommend that you use the latest version of your chosen browser to get the best out of the site. We provide no support for Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6, or any version of Netscape Navigator.

You can find the download pages for all the major browsers below, all links point to external sites.


We have a policy of not opening any links in new windows, to keep window clutter to a minimum and to reduce inconvenience to the visually impaired. The exceptions are links to external websites, which do open in a new window.

Screen Readers

We've attempted to keep the Road Safety Observatory website as friendly as possible to users of screen reader software. Navigation links are generally in lists and pages are separated by correct headings, with the level 1 heading denoting the start of page content, and level 2 headings dividing it further.

If you regularly use a screen-reader to read websites and find the Road Safety Observatory site difficult to navigate, please do not hesitate to contact us and give us feedback. Click here to go to the Feedback page.

All images on the site use alternative text tags, and have been made descriptive wherever possible, so that screen readers can communicate their content.

Finally, all tables containing data use a summary tag, so that table content can be quickly ascertained.

Javascript & Cookies

The Road Safety Observatory website uses Javascript in a number of areas. With Javascript disabled you will still be able to navigate around the site and read exactly the same content, but you will be limited in use of special features.

We may use cookies to collect site usage and visitation statistics, for more information see our Privacy & Cookie Policy.

Standards Compliance

The Road Safety Observatory website has been tested against various coding and accessibility standards. We comply to:

  • W3C Compliance AAA - A
  • Section 508
  • We use HTML5