How Effective?

The following statements present statistics regarding how effective interventions to increase skid resistance can be in reducing RTIs.

High friction surfacing is a proven road surface treatment that increases skid resistance and reduces braking distance thereby reducing the potential for RTIs. A skid RTI reduction of 50 per cent is often reported.

(RSTA, 2012a)

Please note that material from the RSTA may be biased towards certain treatment types.

Overall a reduction in RTIs of 39 per cent was seen in areas treated with high friction surfacing compared with a reduction of 17 per cent on untreated sites.

(C. Simpson, 2005)

Gaps in research

While there is much research material on the topic of Skid Resistance, much of this originates from outside of the United Kingdom. International material has been included for completeness but more research in to this topic should be conducted in the UK and freely published. This would allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between road surface condition and road safety.

However, the UK also has an excellent and unique record in the production of road surface policies which should be consulted in addition to this document.


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