About Us

The Road Safety Observatory was developed and is run by an independent Programme Board comprising:

The role of the Programme Board is to:

  • Set the Aims and Objectives of the Road Safety Observatory
  • Agree the design, structure and function of the Road Safety Observatory website
  • Agree the content of the Road Safety Observatory website
  • Develop the process for producing the research reviews on the Road Safety Observatory website
  • Produce some of the research reviews
  • Form and manage an independent Evidence Review Panel
  • Monitor and evaluate the Road Safety Observatory
  • Promote the Road Safety Observatory

Evidence Review Panel

Each Review is submitted to an independent Evidence Review Panel, who provide expert review and comment prior to its publication on the Observatory website. This helps to ensure that the reviews truly reflect the messages in the underlying research, including where there may be contradictions in the research findings. It also helps to ensure that the Key Facts, Summaries and Research Reviews are free from bias and independent of Government policies or the policies of the individual organisations on the Programme Board.

The Programme Board would like to extend its warm thanks and appreciation to the many people who contributed to the development of the project, including the individuals and organisations who participated in the initial consultations in 2010.

Rees Jeffreys Road Fund

The Rees Jeffreys Road Fund has provided some funding to support the development of the Road Safety Observatory, for which the Programme Board are very grateful.

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