User Guide

The purpose of the Road Safety Observatory is to provide easier access to road safety research and information for both the public and professionals. You can find information either by clicking on the Topic and Sub-Topic of your choice or by entering search terms in the search box.

Topics and Sub-Topics

The road safety research information in the Observatory is grouped under seven Topics: Drivers, Riders, Pedestrians, Vehicles, Roads, Compliance and the Law and Other. Each Topic has a number of sub-topics. Click on a Topic and then a Sub Topic to access the key information and research evidence about the road safety issue.

For example:

Main Topic: Drivers; Sub Topic: Drinking and Driving

Using the Search box

Enter a search term in the search box and the search engine will produce a list of web pages and documents on the Observatory that contain the search term.

The Research Evidence

The research evidence is provided in varying levels of detail so that you can choose what level is suitable for your purpose.

Key Facts

A small number of bullet points providing the key facts about the road safety issue and how it can be improved. The key facts are extracted from the findings of the full research review.


A short summary of the key facts and research findings about the road safety issue and how it can be improved. The Summary is extracted from the full research review.

How Effective?

The research evidence about the effectiveness or otherwise of approaches and interventions designed to reduce road safety casualties related to the road safety topic in question. The How Effective? section is extracted from the full research review.


A list of all the research reports on which the Key Facts, Summary, How Effective? and Full Review have been based. It includes the title, author(s), date, methodology, objectives and key findings of each report, plus a hyperlink to the report itself on its external website. If the report is free to download, the hyperlink goes direct to the report. However, if the report has to be purchased,the hyperlink goes to the appropriate page on that website, which may contain an abstract of the research.


The full research review including the Key Facts, Summary, How Effective? and Evidence Sources is provided in a single pdf document.