Welcome to the Road Safety Observatory

The Road Safety Observatory aims to provide easy access to independent road safety research and information for anyone working in road safety and for members of the public. It provides summaries and reviews of research on a wide range of road safety issues, along with links to original road safety research reports.

The information on the Road Safety Observatory website is provided free of charge. You do not need to register to use the Observatory.

To find research about a road safety issue, click on a topic (eg, Drivers) and then on a sub-topic (eg, ‘Young’) and you will then be able to see the research evidence in varying levels of detail, ranging from some Key Facts to a full Research Review. Simply choose the level of detail that suits your purpose. You can also see a brief description of the individual research studies and follow links to the original studies themselves if you wish.

Alternatively, enter your chosen search term in the search box and you will be presented with a list of all the research evidence contained in the Road Safety Observatory for that term.

For more information, go to the Road Safety Observatory: User Guide.

Who Runs the Road Safety Observatory?

The Road Safety Observatory has been developed as part of the Government’s Strategic Framework for Road Safety, and is run by an independent Programme Board, comprising UK road safety organisations and the Department for Transport. For more information, go to About Us.

How is the Research Evidence Produced?

The Programme Board commissions Research Reviews from a wide range of researchers and road safety experts. Each Review is then submitted to an independent Evidence Review Panel, who provide expert review and comment prior to publication on the Observatory website. The reviews are intended to be free from bias and independent of Government policies and the policies of the individual organisations on the Programme Board. They represent a summary of the best evidence readily available to the research community and will be kept under review as new evidence emerges.

Road Safety Knowledge Centre

The Observatory works in collaboration with the Road Safety Knowledge Centre (www.roadsafetyknowledgecentre.org.uk), which is a comprehensive online library of road safety information and resources. This has a complementary role to the Observatory as it aims to identify good practice and refer users to sources of wider information and resources.

European Road Safety Decision Support System

The European Road Safety Decision Support System is a new online road safety research tool that brings together European and international evidence on what causes crashes and injuries on our roads, and what are the interventions that have shown to effectively mitigate these threats. Funded by the European Commission it will help road safety practitioners, policy makers and decision makers by providing easy access to scientific evidence on risks road safety measures for specific issues, road user groups, types of behaviour, infrastructure and vehicle. It provides summaries and links to all the available studies included in the SafetyCube database.