Key Facts:

  • There were 4,069 teenage (12-19 years old) pedestrian casualties in 2016. Of these, 841 were Killed or Seriously Injured casualties (with 505 KSI casualties in those aged 12-15, and 336 KSI casualties in those aged 16-19). (RRCGB, DfT, 2017)

  • In 2014. there were 343 teenage (12-16 years old) KSI pedestrian casualties in Road Traffic Incidents (RTIs) that occurred during term time and in the hours in which children may be expected to be making a journey to or from school.  (D. Lloydy et al, 2015)

  • The pedestrian casualty rate for boys is consistently higher than for girls across all age groups.As children get older, the proportion of Road Traffic Incidents (RTIs) occurring on a Friday or Saturday rises steadily from 29 per cent at age 12 to 38 per cent at age 15. (Carole Millar Research, 1998a)

  • The risk factors for RTI involvement between 13-17 years old are varied. Some are intrinsic to the young person (such as gender and behavioural profile), some are related to family background (single parenthood, number of siblings and level of parental monitoring), and some are related to the external environment (stressful life events). (A. Emond et al, 2011)

  • Young people are less able to assess risk; test their boundaries; overestimate their abilities; have high levels of sensation seeking behaviour; and are influenced by their peers. (YOURS, 2012)

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