Road Works

Road Works

Key Facts:

  • It is now thought that, in the UK, there is no significant increase in RTI risk to road users when roadworks are present.

(DfT, 2004)

  • Rear end RTIs are the most frequent type of incident recorded at roadworks.

(M. Freeman et al., 2000)

  • Setting up Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) is regarded as one of the most dangerous activities for road workers. The simplification and rationalisation of roadworks signing is being reviewed to address this situation.

(S. Clark et al., 2011; R. Wood et al., 2011)

  • Speed management is seen as an effective intervention; however drivers must perceive that an enforcement regime is in place in order for behaviour to be positively influenced.

(HA, 2006)

  • Road users often report being frustrated by ‘phantom’ roadworks; where no workers appear to be present. It has been suggested that this frustration leads to increased dangerous driving.

(S. Jamson, 2008)


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