Key Facts:

  • Skid resistance is considered one of the most important surface characteristics as it has a direct impact on traffic safety.

(N. Piyatrapoomi et al, 2008)

  • A larger-scale study of the link between skid resistance and personal injury accidents, based on 1,000km of road network (Rogers and Gargett, 1991), confirmed the different levels of accident risk for different types of road site and the increase in risk for sites with lower skid resistance.

(H. E. Viner et al, 2005)

  • Overall a reduction in RTIs of 39 per cent was seen in areas treated with high friction surfacing.

5C. Simpson, 2005)

  • In 2015, 26 per cent of all RTIs recorded in Great Britain occurred in wet surface conditions.

(RRCGB, DfT, 2016)

  • The skid resistance offered by a wet road surface decreases with increasing travel speeds.

(J. McLean and G. Foley, 1998)

  • The average number of potholes filled by authorities in England and Wales, reported over the past year in the 2012 survey, represents a 21 per cent decrease on the previous year.

(ALARM Survey, 2012)


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