Alternative Wheelers

Alternative Wheelers


‘Alternative wheelers’ are defined for the purpose of this synthesis as any vehicle type that is not covered by any of the other road safety research syntheses.

In terms of road casualty statistics, Road Traffic Incidents (RTIs) involving alternative wheelers may fall into a number of different vehicle categories including pedal cycles, motorcycles, cars and other vehicles or agricultural vehicles. These categories can also be sub divided further in terms of the codes used on the STATS19 form used by the police to record the details of RTIs.

Specialised pedal cycles (such as recumbent cycles) can have a greater diversity in their operating characteristics which might make them unsuitable for use on a shared use cycle path. Planners should consider these types of pedal cycle when designing cycling infrastructure if demand is sufficient.

‘Other vehicles’ include various motor and non-motor vehicle types inducing emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines, quadbikes and refuse collection vehicles.

One of the greatest safety issues associated with refuse collection vehicles is reversing as it is difficult for drivers to have complete control of the road environment behind the vehicle. Reversing aids such as mirrors, CCTV cameras, high visibility warning lights, alarms and detectors and the use of reversing assistants (banksman) can help reduce RTIs involving refuse collection workers and the general public.

Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMD), such as the Segway, have gained attention in recent years. These devices are not permitted on UK roads or pavements and can only be used on private land. A number of research articles are available which outline the benefits of such devices and their use in the United States.

In general there is a lack of research on the majority of vehicle types discussed in this synthesis. It is difficult to understand the number of RTIs involving each vehicle type discussed because the statistics are in most instances grouped together as ‘other vehicles’.



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